Every day we transport 550 wagon shipments and 100 block trains composed according to requirements of individual customers. We ensure our customers quality and affordable transport services both domestically and anywhere abroad. We offer full range of services in domestic traffic within Slovenia, import and export, and in transit through Slovenia and transport to and from the Port of Koper.

Slovenia’s position at the crossroads of European corridors and close connection to the Port of Koper enable us to offer fast and reliable connections across wider area of Central Europe. Ljubljana is an important transport hub and an excellent logistics platform for Eastern Europe. At Ljubljana Zalog shunting station and the intermodal terminal we offer all services needed for modern rail transport.

We have established logistics solutions that allow us to transport long trains and heavy trains weighing up to 2,500 gross tonnes despite the limitations of the rail infrastructure.

Our services are based on the needs of our users: the price of transport, its reliability, speed, flexibility and safety. We take into account specific transport requirements of individual groups of goods and offer tailor-made solutions for them in one place.


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