With e-freight-transport, we offer you direct access to our information system. We offer a range of services to help you do business with us in a modern, simple and transparent way.

E-inquiry allows you to submit an inquiry about transport options by electronic means. The application ensures a controlled capture of general contact details and detailed information about the future shipment. It is accessible to everyone as it is not placed inside thee-freight-transport portal. More information on functioning of the app is available at the following link. Of course, you can also contact us in other ways, and we will be happy to help you find a solution to your logistics challenges.

We also offer you the possibility of e-ordering the wagons for loading of cargo at cargo stations within the area of Slovenian Railways. With e-ordering of wagons, you can order a wagon at any time, check the time of the order or cancel it. E-ordering of wagons also allows you to check the status of your order by stations.

Our information system also allows you to track shipments or wagons when they are in Slovenia, whilst you can also track wagons (shipments) when they are abroad (Austria, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia). Apart from the information on the consignment note, we also provide additional information, such as the location (where is the wagon/shipment at the moment) and status of the shipment (whether the wagon is loaded or at a technical station, etc.). The data is available in real time – each event is instantly entered to the information system.

Archival data on shipments are also available. You can see all the shipments that were transported for you on the day before. The data are available for the last three months.

We also give you access to the invoice specification in electronic format to help you analyse your business operations. The specification contains analytical data about the shipments that were transported for you and invoiced to you.

The registered users of the e-freight-transport portal can log into the information system with a password and username. We ask the users, who are not yet registered, to fill out the registration form in order to get a password and username. We will send you a reply by mail. By submitting your application form, you also agree to the General terms and conditions for data access.

If you are not satisfied with the published documentation, you can send questions about the technical characteristics to the e-mail. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about what e-freight-transport can do for you and how to access it, by phone or e-mail as given below.