We offer our experience and expertise in safety and appropriate transport technology to meet the required conditions for handling and transporting of hazardous materials and all types of fuel.

Our core service includes:

  • transport planning (at request we can design special national and international transport solutions that ensure high safety and reliability, as well as efficient planning of flow of goods),
  • transport of shipments on the requested route (individual shipments are included in transport by regular trains, whilst we arrange the schedule for transports of entire trains in accordance with your needs and requirements),
  • advice on safety and loading (transport of hazardous materials and fuels is conducted under the laws and regulations in domestic traffic and under the RID agreement in international traffic).

Hazardous materials and fuel are mostly transported in special wagons, which must meet safety and loading requirements depending on the type of goods. You can use your own or rented wagons for transport, or we can provide you appropriate wagons through our network of private owners.

Chemical products

This is a demanding type of transport as it has to comply with strict safety regulations. Trained staff and adapted technology enable us to successfully meet the needs of our customers.

Petrol and other fuels

Rail transport is an important link in the logistics chain of supplying the economy and households with fuel, as well as in replenishment of national stocks levels. The possibility of mass transport, ensuring safety and environmentally friendly transport are the main advantages of rail transport.

Construction material

Technological and technical equipment as well as qualified personnel enable us to offer you various transport solutions, from mass transport to transport of palletised shipments or bulk transport of material.

Range of wagons

The following wagon series are best suited for transport of this type of goods:

Z, E, F, H, K, R, T, U


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