In order to keep track of the location of your shipment or wagon all the time (not only at the time of shipping and collection), you can use the shipment tracking service.

If you are the sender, recipient or contractual partner in transport of the shipment, you can check at any time where your shipment is and what is going on with it – whether it is at a border station, an interchange station, in customs control, on a train, etc.

You can also track empty wagons, of course, if you have your own wagons or rented wagons from the fleet of SŽ-Tovorni promet. The wagon owners who have wagons in another country's fleet can also follow their wagons. In this case, the users must follow the provisions of the Manual on provision of wagon data.

Shipment tracking abroad

When your wagon is a part of our fleet, you can track wagons when they are in other countries. If you know the wagon number and the transport document number, you are also entitled to access the shipment data (location, status and movement data). The data is provided for informational purpose only.

Details of the access criteria, the content of accessible data, the access methods and other characteristics are explained in the General conditions for access to wagon and shipment data.