With our flexible and reliable logistics solutions we supply numerous large manufacturing companies in Slovenia and abroad. These are mass transports, yet we always tend to adapt them to the needs of our customers, we adjust the transport dates and find optimal logistics solution for each customer.

The benefits of our service:

  • “Just in time" delivery of ores and coal with block trains and individual wagons,
  • transport of various iron, steel and non-ferrous metal products,
  • transport of scrap iron from collection centres to the processors,
  • development of new logistics solutions in line with wishes of our customers.

Coal and ores

As the iron industry and thermal power plants need large quantities of both of these raw materials at a precise time, the timing of transports is crucial for a smooth production process. We transport the most of coal and ore with block trains. Large volumes of cargo require precise planning of raw material supply and cooperation with the users. Timely and reliable supply of raw materials is a key factor in reducing the necessary stocks and thus production costs. No less important than precision of transports is their flexibility and responsiveness to changes on the market.

Iron and steel

Scrap iron is a sought-after waste raw material, collected in scrapyards in an organised manner, from where we deliver it by rail straight to the processor’s industrial rail track. The diversity and complexity of transporting iron and steel products requires a lot of tools and special equipment. The products can be very heavy (”coils”), long (pipes, rods), bulky (tanks, etc.). That is why such cargo is transported with different adapted wagons and by employing tailor-made logistics solutions. The non-ferrous metal market may be small, yet it is particularly demanding and rapidly developing, so we treat it with special care.

Range of wagons

The following wagon series are best suited for transport of this type of goods:

F, T, E, K, R, U


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