SŽ-Tovorni promet offers its customers a wide range of services, including services at container terminals in Ljubljana, Celje and Maribor Tezno. Container terminal services include handling of containers, storage and road access to the users and other container-related services (signage, container inspections, refrigeration, etc.).

At request we can also provide other services, such as cleaning and sweeping the inside of the container.

Shipments under customs control

The Ljubljana Container terminal is also licensed by the Customs Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for customs storage of goods.

Terminal equipment

Our terminals have all the necessary equipment to ensure smooth logistics operations. Each terminal is equipped with two container handlers with a 45-tonne capacity, whilst in Ljubljana we also use an RGM gantry crane.

The terminal has 16 electrical connections for cooling the contents of Frigo containers.



Letališka 14
1000 Ljubljana

Matic Kastelec